U.S. State Department even disagrees with own intelligence, Putin to blame for MH17

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WHAT A JOKE “Claims Even More Secret Evidence Proves Putin’s Involvement”

State Dept Contradicts Intel Community, Says Putin Directly to Blame for MH17

Determined not to let the US intelligence community’s open admission that they have “no evidence of direct Russian involvement” in the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines MH17, the State Department has once again insisted Russian President Vladimir Putin is “directly” to blame for it.

Puzzlingly, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf cited the exact same intelligence community briefing as proving Putin’s guilt, even though the officials delivering that briefing said the exact opposite of it. Harf also claimed to be privy to even more secret evidence that had not gone public yet, which also pinned the whole thing on Putin.

Interestingly enough Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R – GA), the ranking Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee and privy to all the same evidence the State Department saw, said that…

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