State Department Lies – Can they Make Themselves Look Anymore Stupid

Friends of Syria


The US State Department are now trying to convince the public that it is President Assad who has allowed ISIL to grow. The Assad Government that has been a war with these terrorist monsters for 3 year. The Syrian government fighting this terrorist army alone, while the US, Turkey, France, UK, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been funding them and supporting them to destroy Syria. Marie Harf comes out with the most idiotic statements, that she could be compared with Sarah Palin.

Now it has all gone wrong they are trying to blame Assad. There is still no mention of the terrorists still flocking into Turkey to join ISIL, yet nobody is criticising Erdogan.  If the US think they can destroy ISIL by air attack alone they are wrong. In Syria they have been attacking them by air and ground but with all the backing from the US, ISIL is…

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