Can Obama Explain What A Moderate Terrorist is? Obama Continues to Fund Terrorists

Friends of Syria

usfsaTerrorist Groups for Dummies

If you believe in Moderate Terrorists, then you will not find this page graphic.

There is no such thing as a ‘moderate’ terrorist. A terrorist is a terrorist and calling any of them ‘moderate’ is the same as calling a Butcher or Rapist a moderate killer, like calling black, white.

Well here are the crimes of the terrorist groups and each one of them has raped, decapitated and butchered innocent civilians of all religions.


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The US Government to commit crimes against humanity, on Syrian citizens and then to blame the atrocities on President Al Assad. The reason; to overthrow the government by claiming that Assad was killing his own people. Fake demonstrations were organised within Syria by the US Ambassador Robert Ford and then the lies started with Obama and Clinton, continually stating that Assad is killing his own people and must go.

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