Here You See the Leaders of the Countries that Created ISIS

Friends of Syria

The ‘Friends of Syria’ meetings of all the leaders who funded the terrorists to overthrow President Bashar Al Assad. 

Friends of Syria meeting IstanbulFriends of Syria meeting Istanbul

The closed meetings headed by the Secretary of State Clinton and Ambassador Ford the creators of the terrorist groups, which seemed to have a name change after every meeting, until it became known as ISIS.

The meetings always came about, when it was clear that the Syrian Arab Army were making headway in wiping out the terrorists.  Each meeting came up with a new plan and new funding for the terrorists. This including giving them chemical weapons for a false flag attack against Syria. With every ‘Friends of Syria’ meeting the terrorist army grew and the Western Leaders declared the terrorist group as the official opposition to Assad and the leader of the terrorists at the time, the recognised government of Syria.

So from the very…

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