There is Only ONE Way to Stop Jihadists Joining ISIS

Friends of Syria


The only way to stop people joining ISIS in Syria is for David Cameron to come clean, about his lies.

It is not only the Jihadists brainwashing young people, but the British Government and the Western Media too.

These teenagers are becoming brainwashed on both sides. They are listening to David Cameron’s lies that President Assad is killing his own people. Which we all know is propaganda for war and a call for terrorists to fight the Syrian Government. So these young brainwashed people, think they are going to Syria to help the Syrian people, which is far from the truth. They are helping the terrorists kill innocent Syrians, who are being protected by the Syrian Arab Army.

The three teenage girls from London who have been brainwashed into thinking they are going to Syria to do some good, will be used as prostitutes or held for ransom, to raise…

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