Devastation…and Inspiration: Recalling Liberated Ma’loula

In Gaza

DSCN4507 (1024x768)

**belatedly-penned thoughts on June 2014 visit to Ma’loula. As the Syrian Arab Army and allies continue to fight western-sponsored terrorism in Syria, it is important to recall the victory of places like Ma’loula, which faced the west’s **absolutely** non-“moderates” for 8 months before victory. 


As Syrian and allied Resistance forces fight NATO’s death squads in the outskirts of Damascus, Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria, I re-visit the story of the formerly-terrorized ancient village of Ma’loula, which I visited in June 2014, two months after it had been liberated. Although no longer beset by terrorism, the story of Ma’loula is very much a current story, a case study of the senseless destruction, looting, and killing by Western-sponsored terrorists throughout Syria.

When I visited in June 2014, a calm prevailed. One seemingly random observation that stood out was the sound of peeping birds, which just months earlier would…

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