David Cameron Allows Jihadists to March Through London

Friends of Syria

FSA Terrorist March FSA Terrorist March

Jihadists are planning a demonstration in London on the 14th March to drum up more support. After they have beheaded kidnapped and murdered tens of thousands of civilians in Syria they now have the nerve to march through London. They should be locked up not promoting Jihad.

EXTREMIST preacher Anjem Choudhury not practising what he preaches. EXTREMIST preacher Anjem Choudary not practising what he preaches.

Just a reminder what these people stand for and it is not what the Syrian people stand for and the majority are not even Syrian.  They want Sharia Law and they are not speaking on behalf of the Syrian people. Their posters are calling for Freedom, how can Sharia Law be freedom. We have seen them calling for ‘Freedom’ since the beginning of the war. This is their idea of ‘Liberation’ the following film shows the FSA throwing postal workers from the roof of the building where they work:

FSA Liberating Syria FSA Liberating…

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