Displacement from Syria to Syria, from Syria under the control of terrorism to Syria under the government’ protection

Syriana Afraa

let’s make a journey , the place is Syria but the journey belongs to years ago , as people have a short memory especially those who are in political positions ,Idleb a syrian city which is under control of the oppositions , the first massacre was done there to more than 120 syrian soldier ,the so-called “moderate rebels” attacked a security detachment in Jisr AlShoughor Idleb , killed the soldiers chopped them and threw the bodies of those syrian soldiers into the river saying Allho Akbar , after that they opened the fire on the people and terrorized them

vic done by rebels

now Idleb is under ISIS control , can we ask why all cities which was under FSA and Alnosra front ended up to ISIS , ISIS with Toyota cars , also all weapons which sent to FSA ended up to ISIS?

Raqqa, Deir Alzour , another syrian cities…

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