The Greek negotiations and its “red lines”


Commentary from the Greek communists

The new Greek government continues its talks with the foreign lenders (EU,ECB,IMF), the well-known Troika, which has now been labeled the “three institutions”.  The international mass media, as well as the government itself, are giving the impression that it seeks another kind of management of the crisis in Greece and that the “institutions” at the same time are exerting pressure on it. The government is constantly retreating and claims that it is “maneuvering” because, according to the words of the Prime minister, A. Tsipras, “They had set us a trap in the battle of Europe (…) with aim of the financial suffocation and the government’s overthrow(…)They had everything set up to shipwreck us … and the country.”

However, at the same time, the Finance Minister, Y. Varoufakis, clarified that the maneuvers and retreats of the Greek government also had some “red lines”, which the Greek…

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