Saudi Arabia is the new hammer BY the hand of the West and the United States to strike any country in the Arab world

Syriana Afraa

Arab world, twenty two states , with huge resources of wealth and horrible poverty spreads over this world

and another Sykes-Picot seems to be clear in the horizon , under the cover of the Arab Spring , arabs map

it is a project that began in the White House these revolutions are projects to destabilize  states and not revolutions and it is sponsored by the American intelligence agency and  also the French one and  we can’t forget the National Endowment for Democracy!
The american ground  troops  is everywhere in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan so U.S relieds on Al-Qaida to be the ground forces of the United States in the Arab Spring areas


Egyptian President Housni Mubarak was an ally of America, but 100% puppet ,He rejected the presence of an American base in Egypt and also refused to send Egyptian troops to Iraq  when they asked him to do, so later he had to be…

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