An Open Letter to Obama, from a Syrian Citizen

Friends of Syria

Dear President Obama and political representatives,

You were wrong about Syria and Syrian citizens. During the past five years the world has bore witness to the trials and hardships of Syrians not only in Syria. but globally and the international community has failed Syria dearly.

During the first few months of the so-called “Syrian Revolution” we have witnessed many horrors which have only expanded over the years to more wicked actions which made the world gasp in horror.

These “rebels” as termed by the international community have fooled you and the world. The so-called “rebels” are merciless creatures with no agenda other than the destruction of a beautiful country and a proud people.

For reasons unbeknown to me, or anyone else, the international community sought to back and support the deceitful creatures commonly referenced as “rebels” by mainstream media sources and political heads, globally.

The “rebels” supposedly wanted change in…

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