A Syrian view of the refugee “crisis”

The Wall Will Fall

A voice from Aleppo 8/9/2015

– The refugee furore in Europe is purely propaganda to justify further NATO intervention in Syria with the Humanitarian shield obscuring their agenda.   It’s like scaring their people “if we didn’t go to war, Europe will be invaded by Muslims, Arabs, Africans, and Asians”.

– Refugees to Europe (and North America and Australia in lesser numbers) never stopped since the end of WWII. Sinking boats filled with illegal refugees never stopped in the last decades, and they used to be either totally ignored or partially shown at the end of the news, just to feel a little pity about that tragedy. The whales who committed suicide on the same shores would have more publicity. So what had changed today to focus on the Syrian refugees?

– a new Syrian refugee who recently arrived in Europe, told my friend over there, that Syrian refugees with him were about 20%…

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