Settlers in Syria,Uighurs, Turkestan , And Displacement Of Syrians,Syria To Where?

The Ugly Truth

Palestine Catastrophe expands, Displacement of Palestinians during the birth of the Israeli entity in 1948,Nakba’ Day

Palestinians refugees were divided between Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, the west bank, and Gaza strip.

Syria another scene of displacement ,Since 2011 the year of Color revolution, engineered and designed by Western and Israeli figures.

Jiser-AlShoghour which is a town in Idlib province, around twelve miles from the Turkish border.

In 2011 this twon witnessed a horrible massacre against syrian security point, committed by the so called peaceful protesters.

Soldiers were beheaded, some of them were struck on head by an axe, It needed a DNA’ test to recognize the soldiers bodies.

Our government organized tour to a mass grave  of syrian soldiers committed by foriegn backed rebels,Uighur in Jisr Al Shugour  with other foriegn diplomats, among those was the USA former ambassador in Syria, the head of protesters movement  at that time


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