The “endgame” Aleppo


By: Sonja


The western world, meaning the EU and US, who support the so-called rebels, which I prefer to call terrorists, are in despair, they know they are loosing their planned game of a “color revolution”and “regime change”in Syria!

Everyday, especially nowadays, since the “Mother of battles for Aleppo began”, they become more desperate and their propaganda machine works on full speed to let  us believe, to indoctrinate the common EU and US citizens of the idea of “moderate”rebels, who are killed by the “evil boogie man President Assad”, telling us he kills his own citizens, but their strategy is not working anymore.

But, we the activists, here in the Netherlands, Belgium and elshwere in the EU and US, who are awake and fighting, with their “pencils and words”are gaining more common ground to show them the “real” Syria, the real problems of the conflict and exposing the lies…

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