Hearsay Extrapolated – Amnesty Claims Mass Hangings In Saydnaya, Syria, Provides Zero Proof

The Rabbit Hole

If you haven’t heard about this bogus Amnesty International report that came out, then surely you will hear about it soon.

Just a little fun fact.. the USA has executed 212 people since 2011. Where is Amnesty International’s rage about that?  Crickets.

I recently had a lengthy conversation with my Aunt who lived in Saydnaya and I asked her about the situation and there was absolutely no mention of these “slaughterhouse” allegations.

Before we even address these ridiculous claims, let me bring your attention to this report by Levant Report that was written exactly 2 years ago. “The mostly Orthodox Christian population tends to be presented as “pro-regime” in Western media reports – this perhaps because Syria’s most well-known political prison is located in Saidnaya. But the city’s Christian population believes that its very survival is dependent on the government checkpoints, tanks, and soldiers that protect it from the thousands of foreign-backed insurgents that are hunkered…

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